Sustainable Design – Part 1

What Sustainable means depends on who you are.  For the owners of water features, sustainable should mean how much will the water feature cost over its life.  The design of a feature influences the longevity, serviceability, future renovations, and maintenance.

The most frequent, and often unplanned issue, is how much time and resources it will take to maintain the water feature.  Each water feature is custom and lives in slightly different environments.  Evaluating how each feature will age and be impacted by its environment helps guide some major choices during the design effort.  For example, if a feature is built in a new park with small trees the impact of debris from the trees will increase as the trees grow. A design that provides easy and effective surface collection of the debris will reduce the maintenance time.  All water feature concepts need to consider how to achieve the aesthetic intent while incorporating the systems required to keep the feature beautiful over its life.

GPSI is a specialist in water feature construction and consulting.  Over the last three decades, GPSI has created many of the iconic fountains in Texas.  We have evolved our capability to include deck level interactive and sequenced fountains, water feature renovation, aquatic playgrounds, water harvesting, and irrigation pump stations.  Our experience has given us insight about the details necessary to make water features constructible and sustainable for many years.