Water transfer made easy.

The Float-n-Pump™ is designed to efficiently and economically float either a submersible turbine pump or submersible trash pump in a primary water source.

Efficient and Economical

  • Unique design allows for the installation of a pump in an existing body of water with draining the water from the primary source.
  • Flexible hose assembly allows the Float-n-Pump™ to adjust automatically to changing water levels.
  • Virtually hidden from view and so quiet, pedestrians will hardly notice it’s there. Eliminates costly wet-well, flume piping or pump house installations


  • The assembly stays near the water surface where water quality is better and oxygen levels are higher.
  • Reduces noise pollution and unsightly, above-ground pump enclosures.
  • Installs easily with minimal disturbance of surrounding turfgrass and landscaped areas.